WordPress Plugins To Get More Blog Readers

Here are some WordPress plugins that will help you get attention to your blog and then retain them as well.


LiveJournal Crossposter – Automatically posts your latest entries to your LiveJournal account, or any other LJ software based site.
Vox Crossposter – Makes it so your posts also appear on your Vox account.
Xanga Crosspost – Allows you to have your posts appear on your Xanga account also.

RSS Feed Tools

©Feed – Adds copyright info to your feed and puts a digital fingerprint on it so you can search the web for content theft.
Better Feed – Adds a “read more” button, a copyright notice, and a “Add to del.icio.us” link.
FeedStats – Gives you statistical data on your feeds.
RSS Flashfeeder to Myspace – Feeds your last two posts to your MySpace page.
Subscribe-Remind – Adds a little reminder to the end of each post reminding readers to subscribe to your feed.

Social Bookmarking

Digg Button – Allows you to add the Digg button anywhere in a post with just a simple code snippet.
Digg IT – Another plugin allowing inclusion of the Digg button.
JPF Add to Reddit – Allows readers to submit your posts to Reddit, if they are already logged in, it automatically posts the title and URL.
Sociable – Adds the linking information for 61 social bookmarking sites.

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