WordPress Plugins For Multimedia

There’s a lot more to blogging than just writing compelling text. Pictures, video, and audio make your blog more exciting for readers while giving you more ways to express yourself. There are hundreds of plugins available for adding multimedia to your blog and here we take a look at some of them

Image Management Tools

Duh Gallery – Simply creates a photo gallery from your uploads folder in WordPress.
ImageManager – Includes interface for browsing and uploading images and basic tools such as cropping and rotating.
WP Image Gallery – Create photo galleries from within WordPress and display them in posts.
fMoblog – Post pictures with descriptions from a mobile phone.

PhotoZip – For quickly uploading photos; allows you to simply upload a .zip file to create an image gallery.
PictPress – Automatically generates a picture post from a directory on your server. Resizes pictures on the fly

Importing Images from Other Services

BubbleShare – Display photo galleries from your BubbleShare account.
FlickrRSS – Displays most recent images from any RSS feed from Flickr such as a user, group, or tags page.
Fotobook – Import your Facebook photo albums into a WordPress page.
ImageShack Uploader – Upload an image to ImageShack’s free storage service and insert a thumbnail into your posts.

Image Display Effects & Hacks

IImage Panorama – Helps you create a 360 degree panorama picture to add to your blog.
Image Headlines – Create cool text images for the titles of your posts.
Lightbox 2 – Generates thumbnails that when clicked load in a lightbox.
Random Image – Pulls a random image you have places on your blog and links back to the post it came from.

Playing Music

Del.icio.us MP3 Player – Makes links to MP3s in your posts playable and easily postable to del.icio.us.
Audio Player – Inserts a simple MP3 player into your posts that plays uploaded audio files.
XSFP Player – Flash player that allows you to embed music on your blog via http.

What Am I Listening To?

DG PlayingNow Updater – Displays the song you are currently listening to on iTunes, MSN Messenger, or J. River Media Center.

iTunes Spy – Displays your most recently listened to tracks on iTunes.

onAirNow – Now playing plugin that displays most recent song from iTunes or WinAmp.

Podcasting Tools

Podcast Release – A “release” form for guests of your podcast, accepting your terms.
PodPress – Full featured plugin for podcasters including feed generation, iTunes preview, and download stats.
iPodCatter – Helps podcasters created a valid feed for the podcast directory on iTunes.

Miscellaneous Audio Tools

Evoca Browser Mic – Allow your blog readers to send you voice comments which you can later post to your blog.
Odiogo – Converts your text to speech and provides a link for your readers to listen to your posts.

Video Tools

Easy Inline SWF – Allows you to insert Flash files in .swf format into your posts without any weird tags.
SeeTheFace – Complete tool for recording video and posting to your blog.
Noembedder – Automatically adds a noembed section to any embedded content that does not already have one.
wordTube – Video player that includes the ability to program a menu of videos.
TubePress – Display YouTube galleries as blog posts or a sidebar item.

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