With EraserDrop Drag and Drop Files To Erase Them Permanently

There are plenty of options for securely removing files, but EraserDrop makes it easy to drag and drop files to oblivion.
EraserDrop makes it easy, letting you drag and drop files to shred them for good. EraserDrop is incredibly simple to use, and it’s portable. You can pop it on a flash drive and take it anywhere you want to use a computer without leaving a trace.

Here’s how to use it:
1. Download and install EraserDrop.
2. Run EraserDrop. A shredder icon should appear; its default is set to always on top so you won’t lose track of it.
3. Set up your wipe options. Right-click the EraserDrop icon, select “Options,” select “Eraser Method,” then select one of the options on the list. Each shows its relative security and speed; slower methods are safer, but do take quite some time, especially for large wipes.












4. Drag and drop files into the icon to start the permanent deletion process. You should see a notification in the system tray.
5. You can also wipe the contents of the Recycle Bin or the free space on your computer by right-clicking the EraserDrop icon and selecting “Tasks.” Wiping free space can take a very long time, so plan accordingly.


Download: EraserDrop

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