What Does World IPv6 Launch Mean?

This World IPv6 Launch follows World IPv6 Day – IPv6’s successful global-scale test run on June 8, 2011.

The World IPv6 Launch will add some pretty high-profile commitments to the transition, making it abundantly clear to laggards that they’d better get with the program.

The changes that will come after the World IPv6 launch on June 6 include :

(1) Some ISPs will turn on IPv6 and leave it on so at least 1 percent of their customers will have IPv6 access. Those ISPs include AT&T, Comcast, Time Warner Cable, Free Telecom,Internode, KDDI, and XS4ALL.

(2) Home network device makers Cisco and D-Link will enable IPv6 by default for their home network devices. Cisco makes the Linksys line of home routers.

(3) Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and Yahoo will enable IPv6 access to their main Web sites and keep it available. Yahoo also committed to offer Yahoo Sports, Yahoo Mail, and Yahoo Finance over IPv6 in coming months.

(4) Several services already are available over IPv6 today, but people must go to a specific and different Web address such as ipv6.google.com. Now just going togoogle.com will return results over IPv6 if it’s possible for the person doing the search to communicate with IPv6.

In practice, the IPv6 launch — a transition that’s been underway for years and that will take years more to complete — has already begun and will continue in its progress.

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