Tips & Tricks To Get The Most From Microsoft Office

Here are 10 most useful tips and tricks for getting the most out of Office 2010 and 2007.

(1) Create a Customized Tab on the Office 2010 Ribbon

Office 2007 included the new Ribbon interface which some people found awkward and confusing to use. However, Office 2010 added a new feature that allows you to create your own custom tabs on the Ribbon. You can group specific commands that you use most often on your custom tabs for faster and easier document creation and editing.

(2) Save Time by Customizing the Quick Access Toolbar in Office 2007

After adding a custom tab to group often-used commands in one place, you can further customize the Office interface by adding commands to the Quick Access Toolbar. This provides one-click access to your most-used commands.

(3) How to Backup and Restore Your Office 2010 Ribbon and Quick Access Toolbar Customizations

Now, that you created custom tabs on the Office 2010 Ribbon customized the Quick Access Toolbar, you can backup both the Ribbon and the Quick Access Toolbar so you can also import the same customizations into Office 2010 on another computer.

(4) Take Screenshots with Word 2010

If you’re working on a document in Word 2010 that includes screenshots, you can easily use Word to create the screenshots, rather than another third-party tool, thus saving you time.

(5) Add Security to Your Important Documents in Office 2010

If you’re sharing Office 2010 documents with other employees through your company’s network, you might want to add security to the documents so only certain employees can access the documents.

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