Tips to Use iPad 2 Effectively

Most of the iPad 2 users use up not more than 10% of the iPad’s resources. There are very basic things on their Pad 2 that go unnoticed and not utilized by the users. Here are a simple collection of such tips to use iPad 2 which helps you in a wide range of activities.

1. Kindle for iPad 2 – the Kindle from Amazon is a reader. You can make your iPad 2 into a virtual book and a library of sorts through this specially designed app for iPad2. You get free book samples, free classic texts, dictionary lookups and much more with this.
2. iPod Controls – if you double-press the home button, iPod controls will popup immediately, no matter what app you are on. Easy way to control your iPod music collection.

3. Screenshot – iPhone or iPad, screenshots come in very handy. Take a quick screenshot of anything just by pressing the home button and the sleep/wake button at the same time.
4. Force Quit – one bad thing about apps is sometimes, they don’t work the expected way and may freeze or malfunction. Force quit helps you quit the apps easily. Press sleep button till ‘slide to power off’ appears and then press and hold home button for about 6 seconds. This force-quits the misbehaving app easily.
5. Undo or Redo – just by shaking your iPad 2, you can undo or redo what you have typed before quickly. Shake the iPad 2 up and down and an option will popup asking for Undo or Redo.
6. Part Reply/Forward – suppose there’s only a portion of email that you want to forward. Just select that, and hit reply/forward and only the selected part gets forwarded.
7. Group Your Apps – you can easily group your apps on the iPad 2 by using the 11 homescreen as grouping zones. Just put similar apps on the same homescreen to get about 11 groups.
8. There’s a compass with the Maps – you can find this by pressing Find My Location button twice after a short gap. Not only would the compass appear but also try to figure out which way you are facing.
9. Extra Letters – some people want to have extra symbols and characters. Holding down a particular key might bring up all the other characters associated with it.
10. Web Page on Homescreen – you can save a favorite webpage to your homescreen to get faster access. On Safari, tap on the + and on the options just select Add to Home Screen.

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