The Saga Of Google Logo

The most easily recognisable logo is that of the internet giant Google. The company has changed its logo a number of times ever since BackRub, a search engine designed by Sergey Brin And Larry Page, was renamed as Google.

Sometimes, to celebrate special events like birthdays of famous people, International Days etc.,Google temporarily makes exciting changes to its logo which is commonly known as the doodle.

Google’s first logo was somewhat like Yahoo’s logo with an exclamation mark. It was designed in 1998 by Sergey Brin himself using the free programme GIMP. But, unlike Yahoo’s logo, which was all red, Google’s logo had primary colours.

After a year, on May 31 1999, Google introduced its new logo that spelled Google in three primary colours and one secondary colour. The font or the typeface was changed, exclamation mark was dropped, the logo now had a shadow, and the letter “o” got dark yellow colour. This was used until May 2010.

The current logo was designed by Ruth Kedar. In the new logo again, the font was changed, the shadow was dropped, colours were enhanced and appear brighter and “O” is now in Chrome yellow. According to the designer Ruth Kedar, the “L” of the Google was given a secondary colour to upfront the idea that Google doesn’t follow the rules.

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