The Merits Of Flash Camcorders

Flash camcorders are a new breed of camcorders that use the same memory cards found in digital cameras. Flash memory is referred to as digital film.

A camcorder can record to flash memory in one of two ways. First, the flash memory can be built into a camcorder. Alternatively, the camcorder can record directly to removable flash memory cards, such as SDHC cards or Memory Stick.

Camcorders with internal flash memory will generally also offer a memory card slot, giving you the opportunity to extend your recording times by using an optional memory card.

Flash memory is used in very inexpensive, pocket camcorders, middle of the road standard definition camcorders to very high-end, high definition camcorders. All the major camcorder manufacturers offer flash camcorders in their line up.

Benefits of Flash Camcorders
There are several benefits:

(1) Light weight: Flash memory itself is not only lighter than a hard disk drive or tape, it doesn’t need a bulky apparatus to operate it making it very light weight.
(2) Compact Size: Because the flash memory itself is small and doesn’t require large components inside the camcorder to operate, flash camcorders are compact and very portable.
(3) Longer Battery Life: Unlike a hard disk drive, tape or DVD, which must spin inside a camcorder when they’re turned on, flash memory has no moving parts which means that flash camcorders won’t waste battery life spinning a tape or disk mechanism, giving a longer recording times.
(4) High capacity: Flash camcorders can top MiniDV tape and DVD disk when it comes to storing hours of video.
(5) Reusable: When your flash memory card is packed with videos, you don’t need to run out and buy a new one, as you do with tapes or DVDs. Instead, you can transfer that footage to a PC, external hard drive or disk and reuse your card.

However, the main drawback to a flash camcorder is its capacity compared to hard disk drive-based camcorders. There are hard disk drive camcorders with over 200 GB worth of storage space, while the largest flash memory camcorder tops out at 64 GB.

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