The Evolution Of Microsoft’s Logo

Logos of top tech companies evolve over time according to the company’s vision and mission.

Microsoft, after 25 years, revamped its corporate logo in August 2012. This is the fifth logo in 37 years of company’s history. Microsoft now spells its name in bold instead of italics, thus symbolizing “simplicity, commitment and loyalty”. It is also for the first time that Microsoft’s logo is accompanied by a design. The iconic four brightly coloured boxes (orange, green, yellow, blue) which earlier were in a wave form, now appear as simple square boxes, perhaps representing the tiles of Windows 8.

The 1970s and 80s were famously known as the Disco era and its impression could be seen on Microsoft’s first logo which spelled Microsoft in two lines with “Micro” in the upper line and “Soft” below it. All the characters had a “groovy” texture.

The second logo that came was green in colour and spelled the word Microsoft in one line with all characters in uppercase. The “O” of the Micro had lines on it and employees nicknamed the logo as Bibbet. In fact, after 12 years when Microsoft wanted to change the logo, employees protested and even ran campaigns to save it, but it was destined to go and made space for a new logo.

The new logo which came in 1987 was called the Pacman logo and was designed by Scott Baker. This logo gets its name from the wedge-shaped cut made on the “O” of the Microsoft. Except the letter “M”, all other letters were in lowercase and italicized. In 1994, a tagline was added to the logo which was later changed in 2006.

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