The Criteria to look for in Tablet PCs

Tablet PCs are fast becoming the ultimate computing device. They combine the functionality of a notebook with the convenience of a slate tablet to deliver a robust yet portable device that can be used on the go. Tablet PCs are convertible notebooks, consisting of a display screen and a keyboard. In clamshell mode, the device resembles a conventional laptop. However, the device can easily transform into a tablet with a touchscreen you can navigate by fingertip or stylus.

However, not all tablet PCs are created equal, and finding one that suits your needs can be challenging if you don’t know what to look for.
There are several factors to consider when looking for the right tablet PC, including design, ease of use, and technical specifications, the latter of which determines the device’s overall performance.

The best tablet PCs are those that excel in each of the following areas and provide convenience, portability and excellent performance, even on the go.

(1) Ease of Use
Any tablet PC should be easy to operate in both clamshell and tablet mode. The touchscreen should also be sensitive enough to accurately register light swipes and taps through fingertip or stylus input.
(2) Design
The best tablet PCs are those that are designed for portability. Look for models that are sleek, lightweight and durable. You should also take into consideration the device’s dimensions, resolution and screen size. A larger screen size may mean easier navigation in tablet mode but a larger device overall.
A tablet PC should also be easy to convert from clamshell mode to tablet and vice versa. The screen should swivel easily and remain secure while in tablet mode.
(3) Technical Specifications
The technical specifications of a tablet PC refer to what type of processor the device has, the amount of memory, hard drive capacity, battery life, wireless capabilities (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and 3G) and other features. The technical specifications determine how powerful and fast a tablet PC is and how well it performs.
(4) Help & Support
Customer support options supplemented with tablet PCs should be comprehensive and easy to access. The manufacturer should provide technical support via email, telephone or live chat. Additionally, online resources such as a knowledgebase, community forum and product manual should be available for your perusal, if needed.
This category also includes a tablet PC’s warranty. Most come with a standard one-year hardware warranty though a few have exceptional three-year warranties. The longer the warranty offered, the better.

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