Starter Guide for Google Drive

It may be noted that with Google Drive you can upload up to 30 different types of files including major document extension, video, music, image extensions. Chrome web store will help you to increase overall productivity of Google Drive. Google Docs offline support will let you access all of your files offline, however, it is in read-only mode.

Here is a detailed starter guide for Google Drive:
Install Google Drive
You can download Google Drive on PC and on Android handset. Once you downloaded it on your PC, it will prompt you to enter your connected email address and password. Upon entering the login credential you will be taken to your Google Drive account.

Installation will also create a folder on your PC (Windows 7 pathC:\Users\Username\Google Drive). In case, if you have documents already stored on Google docs, it will be synced to your PC automatically. In this folder you can copy-paste your folders, files and more.







Setup Google Drive for Offline Use
As mentioned earlier, Google Drive offers a read-only offline access to docs. Users would need to download ‘Chrome Docs web app’ (works with Google Chrome browser only). In order to do this, go to ‘gear’ symbol on your extreme right side (also called as settings option). It will display options as shown below.











Press ’Set up Docs offline’ option. It will prompt you to allow for permission and installing chrome web app subsequently.










Now, you can access all your offline apps from In case if you’re connected online it will redirect you to your Drive account.







Features of GDrive
If you’ve added files, it will automatically sync to Google Drive. Users can pause the synchronization from the task pane menu. ‘Preference’ setting will let you control sync option. It will enlist all the available folders on the drive, which you can choose not to sync to your PC.











Users can even watch the video or listen to music from the web browser or Drive account on web. Folders can be opened or viewed for further details. Opening folder will launch the folder in Pane Preview where you can see list of all documents, files, video presented in the folder. From the top left corner, users can click on + sign to add/ create documents/ presentation/ drawing/ spreadsheet on the web. It will also enlist shared files with you. Users can move files from one folder to marked folder using this feature. Even, you can drag-drop files from one place to another directly from Google Drive account to manage them. All Google Chrome web apps are available from

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