Specialised Antivirus Tools

Virus removal tools include Trend Micro’s Rootkit Buster, and rkhunter for the detection of rootkits, Avira’s AntiVir Removal Tool, PCTools Threat Removal Tool, and AVG’s Anti-Virus Free 2011.

A rescue disk that is bootable, such as a CD or USB storage device, can be used to run antivirus software outside of the installed operating system, in order to remove infections while they are dormant. A bootable antivirus disk can be useful when, for example, the installed operating system is no longer bootable or has malware that is resisting all attempts to be removed by the installed antivirus software.

Some of these bootable disks include the Avira AntiVir Rescue System, PCTools Alternate Operating System Scanner, and AVG Rescue CD.The AVG Rescue CD software can also be installed onto a USB storage device, that is bootable on newer computers.

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