Recycle Bin Added To SkyDrive

Microsoft has high expectations on SkyDrive with Windows 8 and Windows Phone. And since the company wants to get users to upload their photos, important documents, and other files to the Azure-powered cloud storage service they’ve decided to add a safety net. Your SkyDrive will now feature its own Recycle Bin.

It’s a very important addition for a number of reasons. First and foremost, it gives SkyDrive users a way to quickly undo an accidental click that would have otherwise permanently deleted a file. Going forward, SkyDrive will handle things just like Windows does by default. Those files will sit in the Recycle Bin until it’s time to empty the digital waste.

Items in the Bin won’t count against your storage limit, but they are connected in one very important way. If the Bin’s contents exceed 10% of your total storage, the oldest items will be removed to make way for newer deletions. Files will stay there for a minimum of three days, but nothing is permanently deleted until 30 days have passed.

Initially, the Recycle Bin will only appear in the SkyDrive web app, however both the Android and iOS apps will gain access, as will those for Microsoft’s own platforms — including Windows and Windows Phone.

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