Oracle Fixes Bugs : Releases New Java Software Update

The security firm Rapid7 and other security firms recently warned about a possible malware code that attacks machines by exploiting a newly discovered flaw in the latest version of Java.

Oracle has now repaired the reported bugs in its widely used Java software. Oracle urged computer users to install the latest version of the program as soon as possible.

Warnings about the bugs unnerved businesses and consumers making them scramble to fend off growing threats from computer viruses that are able to evade anti-virus software.

Java is a language that enables programmers to write software using just one set of code that will run on virtually any type of computer. It is widely used on the Internet so that Web developers can make sites accessible from multiple browsers running on Microsoft Windows PCs or Macs from Apple Inc.

The security firm Rapid7 said in a statement that it had tested Oracle’s update, and the update appeared to have fixed the flaw.

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