OlivePad V-T100: India’s First 3G Android Tablet PC

The OlivePad is a lot more than just a 3G Tablet PC. It combines the features of a Tablet PC with an Entertainment Device, a GPS Navigator, a Smartphone, an Ebook Reader, an Internet Tablet and a whole lot more.

The OlivePad gives you the full blown internet and multimedia experience in a portable form factor unlike other mobile devices . With a vast feature set and an ever expanding library of Android Applications, the OlivePad’s capabilities are only limited by your imagination.

With more than 100,000 apps available, you can expand the capabilities of your Olive Pad. With apps for Business, Entertainment & Multimedia, the Olive pad is all you will ever need and a true convergence device.
View WebPages in their full glory. No more squinting and scrolling. With Olive Pad’s wide 7” TFT and superfast webpage rendering, the Internet looks just like it does on your desktop. Surf by touch.

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