Mobile TV Apps For Live Streaming Of TV Channels On Smartphones

With a mobile TV app, you can watch on your smartphone popular news and entertainment channels just as on fixed TV sets. Some apps are free, others are on a freemium model wherein some channels are paid and others are free. The apps can be downloaded on any internet-enabled smartphone of any operating system.

Mobile television is not an entirely new concept As early as 1977, small, pocket-sized portable television called Microvision was available in the UK and the US, but they didn’t gain popularity for various reasons.

Five years later, Sony brought out Watchman — a small radio-sized device with a tiny, 5 cm, screen that could display television images.

Over the following 15 years, Sony brought in lots improvements to the device, until 1998 when it became dysfunctional because of switchover from analogue to digital. Mobile television started gaining popularity in the United States and South Korea between 2002 and 2005, with phone operators providing the option to their subscribers.

The worldwide trend has been on the upswing during the last two to three years and many companies have come out with apps. The main driving forces are easy availability of affordable and high-feature smartphones and good 3G internet connection.

Some television channels have their own mobile app. There are now many third party mobile TV apps that provide scores of channels.

Some of the popular are NexGTv, Mundu TV and Yupp TV. Ditto TV is another , that has a 48-hour free-trial for all its channels. Yet another app, Zenga TV, added live streaming to iPhones recently.

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