Microsoft Releases Updates For Windows 8 Apps

Microsoft has rolled out updates for some built-in apps in Windows 8. In a blog post, Microsoft gave details about the updates, with Skydrive, mail, messaging, photos, maps, news, finance, sports, music, games, travel, weather and Bing among the apps getting additional functionality.

In a blog post, Steven Sinofsky, President (Windows), stated, “We’re super excited to be approaching general availability (GA) of Windows 8 and Windows RT. With thousands of new apps in the Store, there are a lot to choose from and tens of thousands of developers have been very busy around the world creating new apps. Across Microsoft we’ve been busy since August adding new features and improving the apps that come with Windows and will be updating these apps before GA. We’ll introduce new features, improve performance, and increase reliability.”

These updates can be downloaded from the Windows Store. Anyone currently running Windows 8 RTM will get the notification, or can head to the Store and download the updates for free.Microsoft also clarifies that new PCs will come shipped with a version of Windows 8 that will already have these updates on-board. These updates have been shared with PC makers.

The Bing search app will be the first to get the update within the next couple of days, while the rest of the updates will be released in a staggered fashion till the 26th of October, the official launch date of Windows 8 and Windows RT.

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