Microsoft Launches Xbox Music Service

When you buy a tablet that runs Microsoft’s newest operating system, Windows 8, you’ll be able to handpick from a selection of millions of songs and stream them for free as long as they put up with an audio ad every 15 minutes.
The new feature, called Xbox Music, is not on offer anywhere else at the moment.

The free version of Xbox Music won’t let you download songs and save them for offline playback. That will require paying $10 a month.

The paid subscription is also required if you want to use Xbox Music on the Xbox 360 game console or on smartphones that use Windows Phone. On the game console, you require an Xbox Live Gold Membership, which costs $60 a year.

On PCs running Windows 8, Xbox Music offers free track selection and playback.

Current users of the Xbox – about 66 million worldwide – will gradually be introduced to the service with a 30-day free trial starting October 15.

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