Microsoft Employees To Get Free Surface Tablet, Windows 8 PC, and Smartphone

Microsoft has three of the most important product launches in its corporate history this year. One way to get the word out about your new operating system and hardware (and their benefits) is to put all that hot new tech in the hands of your staff.

Each of the 90,000 full-time Microsoft employee will receive a shiny new Windows Phone 8 device (presumably a Lumia), a Surface RT tablet (one employee was pictured with a Lenovo unit), and a new Windows 8 PC. On the PC front, staffers have several options — they can choose a desktop, laptop, Ultrabook, or tablet.

Windows 8 and Surface were famously referred to as the company’s “riskiest bet yet” by Ballmer himself, and there’s no doubt that he understands how important it is to make sure that corporate morale and enthusiasm are at all-time highs as the company hurtles toward launch day.

It’s not just about the device of Surface, of course — it’s about the future success of Windows and the Windows Store, too.

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