Microsoft Ed-vantage Launched In India

Microsoft Corporation India launched a new education resourcing programme, Microsoft Ed-vantage.

This programme’s primary focus is to make students more employable and equip them with skills relevant to industry needs. It is designed to help eligible academic campuses and their students connect with various organizations in Indian industry

“The introduction of Microsoft Ed-vantage represents an evolution in the way over 10,000 universities and colleges can adopt Microsoft student solutions to their individual needs, providing them the opportunity to compete on the global employment stage on an equal footing,” the company statement said.

The programme aims to consolidate and enhance the benefits to both academic institutions and students who are leveraging well-established Microsoft programs like Campus Agreements, IT Academy,

DreamSpark, Imagine Cup, Student2Business etc. provide the right software tools to the faculty and students.

The Microsoft Ed-vantage program offers four levels that can be leveraged with Microsoft – each level of investment comes with key benefits going from Basic to Silver, Gold and Platinum.

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