Mass Downloader : Review

Though there are many download managers available, Mass Downloader claims to be the first application that’s supposed to help you download multiple files in the same time at maximum speed.

Mass Downloader can definitely take advantage of your high-speed Internet connection, but it can’t do much unless your ISP provides greater download speeds.

This tool is a pretty good download manager as it can monitor clipboard and automatically take control of the file almost instantly. Moreover, Mass Downloader comes with addons for the most popular browsers, including Firefox, Chrome or Internet Explorer.

Mass Downloader supports HTTP, FTP and HTTPS protocols and even comes with a built-in FTP browser. It also has the power to let you view the files included in a ZIP archive and choose to download only the files you need.

In case you don’t need to download the files on the spot, you can use the built-in scheduler to set the time, day, month and even weekday when you want the task to be performed.

The interface is pretty much similar to the one used by so many other download managers, but Mass Downloader offers users the power to customize toolbar buttons and their color.

There is also a very rich settings menu that enables you to configure Internet and download options, as well as proxy server and integration related preferences.

Download: Mass Downloader

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