Jumpshare For Easy Sharing

Cloud storage and file sharing services are offered by Google, Apple and Microsoft in addition to Dropbox, Box and Bitcasa, and upstarts such as Crate, Ge.tt and Drops.
However, Jumpshare offers drag and drop file transfer with a powerful built in file viewer. It is a super simple way to share files with friends and coworkers.

There is no need to register, install any software, or do anything but drag the file, drop it onto the Jumpshare interface, and share the link with your friend. Share the link and your friend can watch the real-time progress of the file upload as well as download or view the completed files within the Jumpshare file viewer. Files are hosted for two weeks before deletion.

Built by Pakistani entrepreneur Ghaus Iftikhar, Jumpshare is billed as a “new, faster way to share files”, and lets you upload photos, videos, documents, presentations, code and share them on the Web, via social networks and by email.

The service claims support for more than 150 different file formats and counting.

Link: http://jumpshare.com/

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