Intel working On Ultrabook Convertible & Detachable

Intel is making laptops and desktops feel more like tablets in response to recent decline in PC sales in relation to tablets. Intel will roll out two new form-factors called Ultrabook Convertible and a sub-genre, called the Detachable. Intel will not give the Ultrabook form-factor a rest anytime soon, and it will remain their flagship device.

The Ultrabook Convertible is by now a familiar form-factor where the screen folds or slides to take a tablet form. Detachable PC is technically already in the market, with the likes of ASUS Transformer.

Intel is also revising the desktop design, or more precisely the all-in-one category. The company is calling it Adaptive All-in-One, which will have a detachable screen that can be carried from room to room.

More interestingly, Intel wants PC vendors to build a power source into the screen to extend its portability. According to Kirk Skaugen of Intel’s PC Client Group, Sony is already working on one such machine called Vaio Tap 20, which will be out soon.

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