Important Tips To Save Your Network Data Consumption

Here are the most important tips to save your bandwidth and avoid unwanted networking data usage:

1) Usually when you are on a video chat on 3G network, it costs 100 MB to 300 MB for 30 minutes. So keep an eye on it when you have a limited internet connection. Its lot better to use a WI-Fi connectivity for this kind of data burning activities.

2) And if you are using YouTube to watch videos in live streaming, it costs 200 MB bandwidth for a 1 hour video. It may also increase to 300 MB, if the video is a high resolution one. So avoid more live streaming of videos. Especially when your connection is a limited one. If you are streaming live videos, make sure the resolution is set to low. You can find this option in the YouTube control bar while playing the video.

3) If you have a Tablet or iPad, then switch off your data services when you are not using them. Else you can also change the network from 3G to 2G if you are not active on the Tablet.

4) If you are using weather report apps, or automatic email sync apps, then data might be burnt very fast. So make sure you don’t install much of these apps. Most of install same type of applications for more than one time. Just the name differs, but all the features and options will be the same. So just install one app of its category.

5) Coming to PC, If you are playing a online video game in Internet, know the fact that it burns 100 MB of data for just 1 hour.

6) Avoid using HD movies when watching a live match or a old film. If you are watching them in normal resolution, the data usage will be reduced to 55%.

7) Keep your Windows notifications off. Because, Windows will keep updating your PC for each and every second you use your PC. So just change the Automatic Updates to off.

8)Don’t open multiple tabs of similar pages in a browser. Most of us open Facebook in 10 different tabs and check 10 different pages or groups or notifications. By doing this, you are burning the network data 10 times faster than a normal use.

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