How To Track Your Internet Data Download Limit In Mobile Android Phones

Counting Network Traffic enables you to track your Internet bandwidth usage, the 3G, 2G network traffic which is being consumed in your mobile phones and computers.

If you are using an Android mobile, you should use Onava Count App. No matter the phone is connected via 3G or 2G network, it can still monitor all the amount of data used so far. You can also see the Data Alert and Warning messages on the screen all the time. With this, you can see the amount of data spent on each session.

If you feel any app is running in background and using a lot of unwanted bandwidth, you can just block it with Data hog blocking option. There are a lot of amazing options which will track your each and every step in a session. You can download Onava Count Application from Google Play for free of cost.

You can also find these same features in Mobile Counter App. This free app will track your data from any GSM, CDMA, Wifi networks. You can also know the number of applications running on home screen. You can track the amount of data being spent on these apps and limit them to your wish. You can download this application in Google Play for free.

(1) Onava Count App : Free Download Link :

(2) Mobile Counter App: Free Download Link :

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