How To Track Your Internet Data Download Limit In a PC

Counting Network Traffic enables you to track your Internet bandwidth usage, the 3G, 2G network traffic which is being consumed in your mobile phones and computers.

If you are using a windows PC, then tracking your broadband connection is very simple. You an use a small application called, Networx. This application can also be used to track many computer’s data records within a single connection.

For example, you will see Internet cafe’s with many systems, but the broadband connection of that network will be a single connection. Also, you can track your data in form of tables, according to a day, week, month. You can check the records in form of graphs.

You can also track the net speed time to time. Networx has a ability to find suspicious network activities. If there is any possibility of getting into a wrong network connection, Networx will warn you to be alert. Visit the Networx official site to download the application .

BitMeter OS is another similar application like Networx. This application was designed by Open Source community. The best part of this application is, you can find the broadband limit and data network usage in any browser window. Also you can import the data into a Microsoft Excel file and keep it as a record. You can also use this application in both Linux and MAC Operating systems.

(1) Networx Free Download Link :
(2) BitMeter OS Free Download Link:

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