How To Track Your Documents With TitanPad

If you’ve ever tried to track changes made by different people on a Word document, you’ll realise the potential of TitanPad ( ). TitanPad is an online document editor which several people can work on simultaneously.

Rather than the confusing strike-throughs , squiggles and comments that you’ll see on a tracked MS Word document, on a TitanPad page, changes are highlighted in different colours – each person who makes changes gets a different colour for easy identification. No one needs to sign up – just head to the website and create a Pad.

If you like, you can import text from a text file, Word document, RTF file or HTML file – or just start typing from scratch. Each Pad will have a unique URL which you can share to invite others. Anyone who joins can write their name and they’ll automatically get assigned a colour.

Other cool features include an infinite undo (using the Ctrl + Z shortcut or a toolbar button), a time slider (that shows you the time and date of each revision) and a full screen mode.

Finally, once the document is ready, it can be downloaded (exported) either as a Word file, HTML file, PDF, plain text or an open document.

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