How To Sell Your Content On The ITunes Store

If you either own or control a catalog of content for digital distribution or an authorized representative, you can sell your content on the iTunes Store.

The content you can distribute is divided into the categories of Music, TV, Movies, Podcasts, Apps and Books, which in turn have sub-categories as shown here :



  • Music
  • Music Videos
  • Ringtones
  • Concert Films
  • Spoken Word


  • TV Shows
  • Seasons
  • Season Passes
  • TV Rentals


  • Movie Sales
  • Movie Rentals


  • Text-Based Trade Books
  • Highly Designed Trade Books
  • Science, Technical, and Medical
  • Professional

After deciding which content to sell head to iTunes Connect Online Application at: and apply.

You can also approach Apple-approved aggregators. You can find them at:

Signing up to sell your content on the iTunes Store is free. More details regarding sales terms will be made available during the signup process.

You require a U.S. Tax ID as part of the iTunes Connect signup and authentication process. This requirement also applies to providers outside the U.S. To request a U.S. Tax ID from the IRS head to :

You should be a signature authority to sell content on the iTunes Store by accepting the standard iTunes Store contract on iTunes Connect.
If you want to sell apps visit Apple Developer Programs at

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