How To Pin Websites In Modern UI Version Of IE 10

Internet Explorer 10 comes in two different versions: the minimalist Modern UI/Metro version accessed from the Start screen and the traditional, full-featured Desktop version accessed from the Taskbar.

Here is how to pin websites in the desktop version of IE10:

(1) The Desktop version of IE10 still allows you to pin websites to the Taskbar or the Desktop, just like you could in IE9.
(2) To pin a site from Internet Explorer for the desktop, drag the tab from the browser to the taskbar.
(3) Sites pinned to the Taskbar provide jump lists with additional options, just like programs pinned to the Taskbar.
(4) Sites pinned to the Taskbar also display thumbnails.

You can also pin websites to the Modern UI/Metro Start screen.

(1) To pin a site currently open in the Modern UI/Metro version of IE10, press F4 or Alt + D, or right-click on the screen, to open the Navigation bar.
(2) Click the thumbtack button to the right of the Address bar and select Pin to Start from the popup menu
(3) A dialog box displays allowing you to change the name that displays on the tile for the pinned site, if desired.
(4) Enter a new name in the edit box, if you want to change the name, and click Pin to Start.
(5) The tile for the pinned site is added to the far left of the tiles on the Modern UI/Metro Start screen.
(6) You can move the tile to another location on the Start screen or even add it to a group of tiles.

There are a couple of ways to unpin a site.
(1) One way is to right-click on the tile on the Modern UI/Metro Start screen and then click the Unpin from Start button on the bottom bar.
(2) Another method is to activate the Address box on the Navigation bar (press Alt + D), right-click the site in the Pinned list, and select Remove from the popup menu
(3) Then click the purple Unpin from Start button on the popup dialog box.

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