How To Open Tabs From Your Last Browsing Session When The Browser Crashes

Most of us always have a lot of tabs open in the browser. If your browser has crashed on you causing you to lose your open tabs, or you’ve accidentally closed the browser,do not be perturbed. There is a solution.
Here is how to have each of the five major browsers open the last used tab session when you open the browser.

To show the windows and tabs that were open the last time you had Firefox open, select Options from the Firefox menu. Make sure the General screen is active on the Options dialog box. In the Startup section, select Show my windows and tabs from last time from the When Firefox starts drop-down list. Click OK.

To reopen tabs that were open last time Chrome was open, click the wrench button and select Settings. The Settings screen opens in a new tab. In the On startup section, select the Continue where I left off radio button. To close the Settings tab, click the X on the right side of the tab.

To have Opera open the windows and tabs from your last session, select Settings | Preferences from the Opera menu. On the General tab, select Continue from last time from the Startup drop-down list. You can also automatically open sessions saved using Opera’s built-in session manager.

To open a specific set of saved tabs when you open Opera, you can choose to show Opera’s startup dialog every time you open Opera so you can select a saved session to open.

To open all windows and tabs from your last session in Safari, click the Gear icon and select Preferences. On the General tab, select All windows from last session from the Safari opens with drop-down list. To close the dialog box, click the X in the upper, right corner.

Internet Explorer
IE doesn’t have an option that allows you to automatically open all tabs from the last session. However, you can open the last session from the tab preview page on a new tab. To do this, click the New Tab button on the tab bar.

Click the Reopen last session link at the bottom of the new tab.
To make it faster to reopen your last session, you can have IE automatically open the tab preview page when the program opens. To do this, click the gear button and select Internet Options from the drop-down menu. On the General tab, in the Home page section, enter “about:tabs” (without the quotes) in the edit box. Click OK.

Now, you won’t lose your open tabs if your browser crashes or if you close it accidentally. This is also useful if you always open the same set of websites every time you open your browser.

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