How To Make Best Use Of Your IDevice (iOS)

If you have an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, are you
taking advantage of every feature the operating system has to offer like hidden keyboards, system-wide font size settings, to speech-to-text dictation?

The following are some tips to make the best use of your device and some of these tips will only work in the iPhone 4S and/or the 3rd generation iPad.

Mark E-Mails
One of the best iOS 5 upgrades to the Mail program is the ability to flag or mark emails as unread. Just tap the ”Mark“ button in the email.

App Settings
Just like desktop applications, iOS apps typically feature their own Preferences settings. Sometimes they’re located in the app itself, or in the Settings app of your device. For example, when you tap on the Instagram app in Settings, you can select to have it save the original photo that you apply filters to inside the app. So check your favorite apps to see what additional changes it offers.

Font Size Changes
You can change the font size for default iOS apps like the Notebook, Messages, and Contacts.

Tap on Settings > Accessibility > Large Text, and choose a larger size.

Turn Off Location Services
While you’re still in Settings, you might want to check Location Services and disable apps you’re not using that could contribute to the drain on your device’s battery. When you launch an app that needs location services, it will tell you to enable it.

Emoji Keyboard
To get the emojicon characters on the iPhone, Open the Settings app, and tap on General >Keyboard >International Keyboards. Next, tap on Add New Keyboard, then scroll down and select “Emoji.”

You can access the Emoji keyboard by tapping the globe key near the Space bar. Tap it again to return to the regular keyboard.

Dictation Commands
If you’re using iPhone 4S or 3rd generation iPad, you definitely want to take advantage of the built-in speech dictation feature. It works similar to the Dragon dictate apps, but within these devices you can dictate text in any application that calls up the software keyboard.

Instead of typing on the small keyboard, you can speak what you want to say and it will type the text for you. Your words will only be typed after you complete your sentence(s) and tap the Done button.
For example, in the Notes or Mail app, you can speak a grocery list. After you speak the first item on the list, say “New Line” and then dictate the next item, and so forth
This dictation feature is not built to effectively compose long intricate letters, but it’s a huge time saver for text messages, Twitter and Facebook comments, short emails, and notes.

Twitter Address
As part of the iOS 5 Twitter integration, you can now add the Twitter address of your contacts. Launch your Contacts list, select Edit, and scroll to “add field” at the bottom. Enter the address. When you tap on that contact’s Twitter address, you can send a tweet to that contact or view his or her list of tweets.

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