How to Disable a Biometric Scan On an IBM Laptop

Some IBM laptops come with built-in biometric fingerprint scanners. These can be set to replace the typing in of a password when starting up the computer. Some laptop owners have difficulty with having their fingerprints read or simply prefer to use the regular password method. Users that no longer want to use the fingerprint scanner can disable the biometrics by changing the device settings by following these steps:

(1) Click on the “Start” menu on the lower left-hand corner of the desktop. Choose “All Programs” and then “IBM Access.” Choose “Fingerprint Software” and open the “Control Center.”

(2) Look for an option to “Replace windows logon with fingerprint protected logon” in the settings section of the Fingerprint Control Center. Uncheck this box.

(3) Uncheck the option for “Power-On Security” in the “Fingerprint” section of the Fingerprint Control Center. Select “Finish” to activate the new settings.

(4 ) Restart the computer to verify that the new settings are in effect. You should not have to scan your fingerprint in order to access Windows.

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