How To Bypass The Windows 8 Start Screen With Thinix Retro UI

If you don’t like the Windows 8 Start Screen, and want Windows 8 to boot straight to the desktop, Thinix Retro UI will help you.

Install the app, and your Windows 8 desktop or laptop will go from the boot splash animation directly to the old familiar desktop and taskbar.

It costs you just $4.95 for a three-license pack for home use and for business use it’s $4.95 per system.

Apart from skipping the Start Screen, Retro UI can also disable a trio of modern Windows 8 features: the Charms Bar, hot corners, and Task Switcher. The company also assures that the software is spyware and adware free, makes no modifications to the Windows 8 core that would compromise its security, and that it’s enterprise friendly thus allowing corporations to quickly migrate to Windows 8 without having to bother with expensive re-training for staff.

There’s one feature that’s missing: the Start Menu. Getting at the desktop isn’t all that hard in Windows 8. Just tap the Windows key + D or click a pinned app on your Start Screen that runs on the Desktop, and you’re there. The missing Start Menu is a bigger issue, and you’ll need to go for MyMashup to get a comprehensive solution from Thinix. No pricing has been revealed for the more full-featured app, and it’s still in its alpha release.

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