How To Browse Incognito On Chrome For iOS

Google brought its popular Incognito features to the iOS version of Chrome, along with many other features. Incognito mode, like on the Android version, allows you to browse the Internet on your iOS device and not have to worry about any pages you view while in that mode being saved to your history. You also won’t have to worry about any of those pages leaving cookies behind

(1) A new tab will open with a dark-blue color scheme. This is an easy way to quickly identify if you’re using an Incognito tab or a regular, trackable tab.

(2) On the iPad, you can quickly switch from Incognito to regular browsing by tapping on the square in the upper-right corner. That icon will only be present when you have an Incognito tab open.

(3) For the iPhone (or iPod Touch) when you enter tab view, you’ll see your Incognito tabs off to the right. Swipe from right to left to access them.

Download: Chrome for iOS

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