Google Cloud : Sync Outlook To Any Smartphone’s Calendar

If you want to take your Microsoft Outlook calendar events on the road, you don’t need Microsoft Exchange to do it. You can take to Google’s cloud.

Google Calendar Sync is a lightweight program you install that automatically syncs whatever is on your Outlook calendar to your Google Calendar account (you’ll need to create a Google Calendar account, if you don’t already have one).

You can sync one-way, to send only stuff on your Outlook calendar to Google or vice-versa. Sync two-way if you want calendar entries made in either place to flow back-and-forth.

Outlook to iPhone
Let’s start with the iPhone (and this works for the iPad, as well). Go to “Settings,” then “Mail, Contacts, Calendar,” then choose “Add Account.” You’ll see Gmail as one of the options listed.
Select Gmail, providing your Google information as required. After the account is set up, you’ll see it listed within “Mail, Contacts, Calendars.” Select it, then be sure you’ve toggled the “Calendars” link to “On.” Once that’s done, voila! Now you’ve channeled your Outlook calendar through the cloud to Google and back down to your iPhone.

Outlook to Android

With Android, it’s a similar process. From the “Settings” menu (which most Android phones should have), look for something like “Accounts & Sync.” Click “Add an account,” then select “Google” and enter your details.
When done, go back to “Accounts & Sync” and select the Google account that’s associated with your Google Calendar. Click on it, then make sure you’ve ticked the “Sync Calendar” option. That’s it. Now Outlook is talking to Android, via Google.
Of course, with Android, you’ll almost certainly already have a Google account listed in “Accounts & Sync.” You need one to use most Android devices. If so, just make sure that you’ve created a Google Calendar account that’s linked to that account, and you’re set. This also works for Android tablets.

Outlook to Windows Phone
With Windows Phone, it’s the same familiar process. Go to “Settings.” Select “Email+Accounts.” Select “Add An Account,” and then choose “Google.” Enter your Google account details. After it has been added, go back to “Email+Accounts” and select the Google account. Then be sure you’ve ticked the “Calendar” box.

Outlook to the Web
That covers getting your Outlook calendar from your desktop to your devices. A byproduct of this is that you also have a Web-based version of your calendar. Just log into Google Calendar, and all your details are there.
If you’re using Google Calendar Sync set to two-way, you can even make changes to your web-based calendar and have them flow back to your desktop.

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