Google Adds 8 New Options To I’m Feeling Lucky Button

Google’s I’m Feeling Lucky Button lets the users bypass Google’s search engine results page and instead go directly to the first search result URL.
Recently, Google quietly added new features to the I’m Feeling Lucky Button. However, this is currently limited to the domain and is expected to be rolled out to other Google home pages.

Google said in a post on its official Google+ page when the user hovers over the I’m Feeling Lucky button, it spins to an emotion and clicking on it connects the user to a page that reflects that emotion.

Now in addition to the default I’m Feeling Lucky text on the right button bellow the Google search bar, Google has added eight other options. Each of the emotions generate different results:

    1. I’m Feeling Stellar (displays Google images of the outer space)
    2. I’m Feeling Hungry (searches for restaurants in the vicinity)
    3. I’m Feeling Trendy (directs to Google’s Hot Searches page)
    4. I’m Feeling Wonderful (leads to the Google World Wonders Project)
    5. I’m Feeling Playful (takes user to an interactive Google doodle)
    6. I’m Feeling Artistic (points to the Google Art Project website)
    7. I’m Feeling Puzzled (goes to the A Google A Day website)
    8. I’m Feeling Doodley (takes user to a Google doodle page)

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