Google Acquires Snapseed Photo-Editing Service

Google has acquired the digital photo editing service Snapseed as part of its effort to compete against Facebook’s online social network. Snapseed is the centrepiece of Google’s acquisition of Nik Software, which developed the service’s photo-editing technology. Google Inc. didn’t disclose the terms of the Nik Software acquisition.

The deal gives Google a popular service that competes against Facebook’s Instagram, whose tools are widely used to display, touch up and share photos taken on smartphones and tablet computers. Snapseed could be used to increase usage of Google Plus, a social networking alternative to Facebook.

Although it has grown rapidly since its debut nearly 15 months ago,
Google Plus is still experimenting with different features aimed at getting Web surfers to check into the service more frequently.

Google Plus now has about 400 million account holders, while Facebook claims 955 million active users.

According to San Diego based Nik Software, 9 million people use Snapseed application for the iPhone and iPad.

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