Facebook Camera App : A Review

Facebook Camera, a brand new iPhone app, that is launched lets users click pictures and share them on Facebook.
Facebook Camera is strikingly similar to Instagram in functionality, if not quite in looks. Facebook bought the popular photo-sharing app/ social network for a billion dollars recently. Facebook also acquired Push Pop Press and Sofa.

The opening screen of the app asks you to login to Facebook. If you have the Facebook app installed already it picks up the credentials of the user logged in.

The home screen of the app is quite slick. It’s the Facebook news feed you’re familiar with, except it shows pictures only.

There’s an option to Like the photo or leave a comment. A neat overlay displays the number of likes/ comments. Multiple photos show side by side, and a simple swipe lets you jump from one photo to the next.

There are filters that Instagram made popular, but they have simpler names like Cream and Coffee, instead of Sepia and X-pro II. The post option is really well implemented – you can crop, rotate or scale photos, attach multiple photos to a post, quickly jump from one photo to the other, add or remove location, choose the visibility of the post and of course add captions.
There is a little number that indicates the number of photos you’ve attached to the current post and the check-box to toggle if you want to attach the current photo. There’s an option to tag people in photos, with autocomplete of names, just like on the website. The app also lets you save posts as Drafts in case you change your mind midway.

Facebook Camera is a really nice app that will appeal to the Facebook faithful. The fact that it uses native iOS controls, instead of being a wrapper around a web view like the main Facebook app, adds that extra bit of polish and better integration with iOS.

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