Eye Control Television : You Can Change TV Channels With The Blink Of An Eye

The prototype of an eye-controlled television, which uses a sensor placed on a table in front of the user to track their eye movements, has been unveiled at Berlin’s IFA trade show.

The Eye Control Television comes with a bulky device that you place in front of your TV, and with a determined blink of your eyes you can change channels, change the volume, or power your television off.

Haier’s Gaze TV uses technology developed by Tobii, a Swedish firm which already offers eye-tracking technology for computers.

The eye-sensing technology relies on a Kinect-style sensor set on your table, and your standard blinks will not interrupt your scheduled viewing, the Chinese manufacturer claimed.

The sensor sits in front of you and needs calibration the first time you run it, which involves chasing a circle around the screen with your eyes.

After that, long blinks activate the sensor, bringing up an on-screen display. Looking downwards brings up the volume controls, which you can then adjust by looking at the plus and minus signs.

Its developers think it has the potential to offer a more natural way to control TVs and other devices, and are hoping to partner with more manufacturers.

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