Dropbox Doubles Storage For Paid Users To 100GB

Online storage company Dropbox is offering more space to its paying customers.

Dropbox, which has 50 million users, will now offer bigger storage accounts for the same price. Those paying $10 a month or $99 a year will now get 100 gigabytes instead of 50. Those who pay $20 a month or $199 a year will get 200 gigabytes instead of 100.

The company is also adding an option for 500 gigabytes for $50 a month or $499 a year.

The free version remains at 2 gigabytes.

Services like Dropbox let people store their ever-growing trove of photos, music and videos online instead of on their computers. They’ve become more popular as people get used to storing files over the Internet. Competitors include Google Drive from Google Inc. and SkyDrive from Microsoft Corp.

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