CritiNext : An Internet-Based ICU for 24X7 Healthcare

The project, CritiNext, is a collaborative venture of Fortis Group and GE Healthcare, promises to take intensive care into digital age by providing 24X7 medical care to patients through internet-based communication.

“Tele-ICU would connect a command centre in a super speciality hospital to a district hospital of a local hospital. The super speciality hospital and experts there will provide advanced consultation, care and monitoring to local hospital’s critically ill patients without having physically transferring them anywhere,” said Amit Varma, executive director of CritiNext, Fortis group.

“It is a pay-per-use system where GE Healthcare will help us with technology and Fortis Group will support manpower needs,” Varma added.

The tele-ICU system involves remote ICU monitoring technology with experts who help reduce medical errors by guiding hospitals with shortage of critical care experts. The experts at the command centre also access the diagnostics reports other than communicating with the doctors.

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