Counting Network Traffic : To Track Your Internet Bandwidth

Counting Network Traffic enables you to track your Internet bandwidth usage, the 3G, 2G network traffic which is being consumed in your mobile phones and computers.

We usually have a limited Internet pack in 3G dongles, 2G Dongles, Mobile Internet and few other Home based Internet providers. Mostly, people prefer a unlimited Internet plan to get more benefits in downloading the data. But 90% of us don’t know a simple fact that even a unlimited broadband plan will have a download limit. ISP’s like BEAM, TATA, Airtel, Reliance or any other will follow these same strategies to fill their pockets.

For example, BEAM cable provides 10MBS Plan for just Rs 1000/- and say it’s an Unlimited Internet connection plan. BEAM degrades the 10MBPS speed to 2MBPS after 30GB of data download. Not only BEAM, even Tata and other ISP’s follow the same strategy.

You might be observed many times that, even though you are not using the Internet connection in your mobile or on PC, you will continuously see a increase in broadband usage and end up with data download limit very fast.

The main reasons for this is, many applications in your Windows, Mac and Phone use a backend process to download the data from Internet and update automatically. This can be observed more in mobile phones. Reason is Smartphone’s use a lot of bandwidth to connect to social networking sites and download the data to your phone. They automatically link your profile to Facebook, Twitter and other apps once connected. So you will obviously see a drop in download limit and consume more internet bandwidth.
It is always necessary to keep track of the usage of bandwidth.

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