CamStudio : Screen Recording Software

CamStudio is a screencasting program for Microsoft Windows released as free software. The software renders videos in an AVI format. It can also convert these AVIs into Flash Video format, embedded in SWF files. CamStudio is written in C++, but CamStudio 3 will be developed in C#.

There is no zoom feature, a huge variety of compressors or file types, or a video editor in the free CamStudio 2.5 (beta). What you will find is a small, sturdy screencast app that faithfully records your PC in AVI and SWF (Flash) formats.

There are many fine features in the intuitive, open source app to recommend it, including an option to highlight the cursor path during a recording session, automatically pan, and record with sound.

A brand-new effects menu scoops on the ability to annotate and append videos with comments, a time stamp, and a territorial watermark.

CamStudio has a long way to catch up with commercial rivals. The drawbaks are the lack of file type support outside AVI and SWF files and the absent editor for trimming, splicing, and optimizing a video.

However, with its steady playback and modicum of audio and video settings options, the app will provide the necessary tools for creating quick demos and screencasts.

Download: CamStudio

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