Bump For Android Transfers Photos Directly To PC

Bump is a very handy wireless data sharing software app, available for iOS and Android platforms. The creators of Bump have announced a new feature for the Bump Android app which allows direct photo transfer to PCs.

The earlier functionality Bump Android app allows users to transfer contacts, photos and even app recommendations among devices which had Bump installed on them. All one has to do is just simply tap/bump two Android/iOS devices with Bump installed on them and the data will be moved between them.

Bump developers have gone a step ahead and now allow transferring photos from the Android based devices to a desktop web browser directly.

All one has to do is open the http://bu.mp website on your PC. Then open up the Bump on Android app, select the photos you wish to transfer and gently bump your phone on the keyboard’s spacebar of PC. Currently this method works on Safari, Chrome and Firefox web browsers.

Bump for Android app is available at the Google Play Store.

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