Bing Features

The following are the features available on Bing Search Engines:

Interface features

  1. Daily changing of background image. The background image also contains information about the element(s) shown in the image.
  2. Video homepage for HTML-5 enabled browsers on occasional events, similar to the daily background images.
  3. Images page shows the main picture from that day and four searches that refers to that image with three preview pictures per search term.
  4. Left side navigation pane. Includes navigation and, on results pages, related searches and prior searches.
  5. Right side extended preview which shows a bigger view of the page and gives URLs to links inside of the page.
  6. Sublinks. On certain search results, the search result page also shows section links within the article (this is also done on other search engines, including Google)
  7. Enhanced view where third party site information can be viewed inside Bing.
  8. On certain sites, search from within the website on the results page.
  9. On certain sites, Bing will display the Customer Service number on the results page.

Media features

  1. Video thumbnail Preview where, by hovering over a video thumbnail, the video automatically starts playing
  2. Image search with continuous scrolling images / results page that has adjustable settings for size, layout, color, style and people.
  3. Advanced filters – allow users to refine search results based on properties such as image size, aspect ratio, color or black and white, photo or illustration, and facial features recognition
  4. Video search with adjustable setting for length, screen size, resolution and source

Instant answers

  1. Sports: Bing can directly display scores from a specific day, recent scores from a league or scores and statistics on teams or players.
  2. Finance: On entering a company name or stock symbol along with stock or quote in the search box Bing will show direct stock information like a stock-chart, price, volume, and p/e ratio in a webslice that users can subscribe to.
  3. Math calculations: Users can enter math expressions in the search box using a variety of math operators and trigonometric functions and Bing will provide a direct calculation of the expression.
  4. Advanced computations: Using the WolframAlpha computational engine, Bing can also give results to advanced math problems and other WolframAlpha related queries .
  5. Package tracking and tracing: When a user types the name of the shipping company and the tracking number, Bing will provide direct tracking information.
  6. Dictionary. When “define”, “definition” or “what is” followed by a word is entered in the searchbox Bing will show a direct answer from the Encarta dictionary.
  7. Spell check. Will change frequently misspelled search terms to the more commonly spelled alternative.
  8. Best match (plus similar sites)
  9. Product shopping and “Bing cashback”
  10. Health information
  11. Flight tracking
  12. Translate. Auto translation of certain search phrases, often with phrases including “translate” or “in English.”

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