Apple’s New iPad: Unique Features

Apple’s new product is not called the iPad 3 or iPad HD, but just the new iPad.

The four major upgrades to the iPad are a super high-resolution screen (higher than even a full HD TV), a better camera for stills and full HD video, a faster processor with upgraded graphics capabilities and support for even faster 4G/ LTE wireless networks.

Music: The GarageBand app lets four users connect their iPads together for a quick jam session. You can quickly record a song, add different tracks with various instruments, edit and export or upload it once done — all on the device itself.

Complete video studio : The new camera and upgraded processor gives the new iPad the ability to record 1080p (full HD) video. With the iMovie app, you can edit, package together professional transitions/effects and upload finished movies without external devices.

Connectivity Options The new iPad includes support for 4G/LTE networks. If you’re lucky enough to have a 4G/LTE network around, you can stream HD videos without buffering, upload 1080p videos effortlessly and share/stream large amounts of data to the cloud with ease.

Photography upgrades: The iSight camera has a backit image sensor (for higher light sensitivity) and IR filter (for more accurate colours). And thanks to the new iPhoto app, you can apply effects like vignetting and adjust saturation with just a touch. Once you’re done, you can create slideshows and upload or share them instantly.

Better and Clearer display: The new iPad gets a retina display. Individual pixels on the screen are smaller than the human eye can perceive. The display actually packs in more pixels than a full HD TV. All those pixels are crammed into a 9.7-inch display, giving it the highest pixel density screen on a mobile device.

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