Apple Wins $1 Billion In Patent Suit Against Samsung

Apple has won US dollar 1.051 billion in a sweeping victory over South Korean Samsung, in one of the biggest patent cases in recent times.

A jury in San Jose, California rejected Samsung’s counterclaims against Apple, which had claimed its iconic iPhone and iPad had been illegally copied.

The jury, which had examined infringement claims and counterclaims by Apple and Samsung, ruled the South Korean electronics giant had infringed on a number of patents.

The verdict affects patents on a range of Samsung products including some of its popular Galaxy smartphones and its Galaxy 10 tablet — devices alleged to have been copied from the iPhone and iPad.

However, it was not immediately clear if Samsung would be able to continue to use the technology and pay Apple for the right to do so, or if they must pull back their devices and redesign them.

In any case, the verdict in the case — one of several pending in global courts — is likely to have massive repercussions in the most happening part of the technology sector, smartphones and tablets.

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