Android Apps : Ringer Restorer

When we turn our phones to the ‘Silent’ profile and then forget to change it back. As a result, we miss important calls and not read urgent messages quickly. A solution to this is presented by a tool called Shush Ringer Restorer.

Shush Ringer Restorer is a smartphone application for Android devices running version 2.0 or later. The app comes with a download size of only 28 KB and it helps restore android ringer volume when you change it to Silent.
When you mute the phone using the device’s volume buttons, the app asks you how long you want the phone to stay silent. You can then set a time limit after which the phone’s ringing profile automatically reverts back.

A user-friendly Android ringer profile app.
Compatible with Android devices.
Lets you revert phone profile when turned to silent.
Sets a time limit for the Silent profile.
Helps avoid missed calls due to the Silent profile.

Download: Android Apps Ringer Restorer

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