After Purple Haze, iPhone 5 Now Gets Green Glow

Several flaws have been reported in the iPhone 5 since it started to reach the users.

One of the biggest issues with the device was the appearance of a purple haze at the corner of images captured with the camera of the iPhone 5. Now, a green glow has been noticed on the sides of the display in the unlock screen when the handset is started after being in the sleep mode for a long time.

It is reported that a green glow described as a plasma bleed from the edges of the screen is appearing on some of the new handsets. The green light is momentary, and appears on the unlock screen just after the iPhone has been “woken” from a longish “sleep.”

It is believed that this was most likely a hardware issue, not a software one, as it is described as a ‘sort of warming up’ issue. It cannot be documented in a screenshot because of the short amount of time it appears.

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