90+ Tools For Instant Messaging

Instant Messaging is becoming more popular and more and more tools are being devised for the growing IM market. These tools have been sub-categorised as Popular, Multi-network, web based and mobile. Go through and make your pick:

Popular IM Clients
Google Talk – use GTalk for your voice calls, voice messages, file transfer and Gmail notifications
Skype – high quality calls to anyone, anywhere in the world
Yahoo! Messenger – an official messenger for Yahoo! users, free to use but advertising-supported
AOL Instant Messenger - communicate with AOL registered users via text, voice, and video
Windows Live Messenger – connect and share instantly on the world’s most popular IM network
ICQ – the world’s first instant messaging program
mICQ – a free text-based ICQ client that runs on a wide variety of platforms
Licq – a free clone of the ICQ client for Linux other Unix systems
aMSN – a free and open source MSN Messenger clone for Linux users
JMSN – a pure Java MSN Messenger clone, with many interesting features that MSN doesn’t have
CSpace – secure and peer-to-peer communication to chat or transfer files
Coccinella – a free Jabber/XMPP client with a built-in whiteboard for improved collaboration with other people
Emesene – a MSN Messenger client with a simpler GUI and a nice look
Gajim – a full-featured and easy to use XMPP client for gnome users
GOIM – allows users to chat within DirectX games
mcabber – a small console-based Jabber client that runs on Linux and Mac OS X
Gadu-Gadu – the most popular IM in Poland
Exodus – a Jabber client which is small, fast, easy to use, and looks good
Retroshare – communicate and download files from friends of friends
naim – a console based multi-protocol client with features like peer to peer encryption and module support
Gossip – an instant messaging client for Gnome users, with chat history search
MessageMate – commercial IM platform that provides end-to-end security; interoperable with AIM, ICQ, Yahoo and MSN
Papla Instant – use it on your PC and mobile phone
Mercury Messenger – a full featured Windows Live Messenger client, offers several extra features which are not implemented in MSN
Psi – small, fast Jabber client
Spark – free and open source IM with built-in support for group chat, telephony integration and strong security
Jabbin – free Jabber client that enables free calls using VoIP
YSM – full-featured console-based ICQ client
MySpaceIM – the official instant messaging client for MySpace
OneTeam – IM client is XUL based, so requires Firefox 2
Microsoft Messenger for Mac – the official Mac client for MSN Messenger, but the feature list is limited
Xfire – chat with contacts inside the game, without the need to minimize the game windows
Pandion – Jabber client which supports plugins to extend its features
BitWise IM – a secure, cross-platform client that encrypts all data sent between users
Multi-network IM Clients

Pidgin – most popular, free, multi-platform IM client that supports most of the IM protocols
Miranda IM – lightweight, resource efficient and easy to use client with powerful plugin support
Ayttm – in case of a service failure, this will automatically fall back to other service protocols of the same person you are chatting to.
Trillian – a Windows application that can connect to multiple IM services, with nice features like Metacontact, Instant lookup, and Emotiblips
meetro – find and chat with people nearby, i.e. location-aware client
IMVU – 3D chat which enables you chat in 3D scenes with your own avatars
Kopete – KDE application, provides users with a single, easy-to-use way to access all of their instant messaging systems
MECA – connect to all of your friends on AIM, MSN, Yahoo! and ICQ from just one list
Centericq – text based multi protocols IM client
Proteus – popular client for Mac OS X that supports multiple protocols
Instan-t – Windows client that allows users to communicate with MSN, AIM, Y!Messenger, ICQ and its IM networks
iChat – IM Client from Apple for Mac OSX
Universal Messenger Plus – a single convenient interface that allows you to easily communicate over different protocols.
Qnext – share your music, photos, and files with anyone, instantly while talking via IM
Aduim – free client for Mac users that can connect to most of the popular messaging services
BitlBee – IRC clients with support of IM protocols

Web based IM

meebo – the most popular third party web based instant messaging service
eBuddy – chat with your buddies using web and mobile versions
KoolIM – web-based IM that allows you to connect to your email inbox as well as popular IM networks
ILoveIM – another web based IM service with advertisements
IMhaha – supports Yahoo, MSN and AIM but not Google Talk
Goowy – more than just an IM client; offers e-mail, calendar, news, RSS, file storage and more
IMunitive – an alternative to meebo, but doesn’t support Jabber i.e. Google Talk
RadiusIM – web-based IM service with Google Maps integration, which means you can see where your friends are
MessengerFX - unofficial web based IM client for MSN Messenger
ICQ2Go! – web-based installation-free version of ICQ
SNIMMER – chat on MSN, Yahoo, AOL, ICQ and GTalk and make new friends by creating a profile with pictures
IMO – allows you to log in to all chat networks at the same time
Communicationtube – separate login for ICQ, MSN Messenger, IRC and Google Talk contacts
Express Instan-t – simple IM which works with ICQ, MSN and Yahoo
easymessenger – free instant messenger service with built-in RSS support that works with MSN, ICQ, AIM, Yahoo! and Jabber.
mabber – use it on your phone or put it on your website
MSN2Go – Java applet that enables you connect to MSN messenger service
Yafumato Web Messenger – free and open source web-based IM client that allows you to connect to AIM, GTalk, MSN, and Yahoo
MSN Web Messenger – the web-based version of MSN Messenger, without file sharing or video calls
Yahoo! Web Messenger – access to your Yahoo! messenger, chat with your friends and get notified when new email is received.
AIM Express – official web-based instant messenger for AIM
Google Talk via Gmail – chat with your GTalk contacts from Google mail

Mobile IM

Agile Messenger – user friendly all-in-one application for your mobile phone
Eqo – save up to 95% on calls, 70% on text messaging, integrates all of MSN, Yahoo!, GTalk, AIM, ICQ, and Jabber.
fring – use it as an IM client, but also for free calls over Wi-Fi, GPRS or EDGE
IM+ – All-in-One Mobile Messenger that works on any mobile device
OctroTalk – keeps you connected with your buddies, and works seamlessly over GPRS/EDGE/CDMA/Wifi/Bluetooth data connections
QuickIM – connect to public MSN networks using your cell phone with one time license fee
JiveTalk – connect simultaneously to AIM, MSN, Yahoo!, Google Talk, ICQ, and Jabber
Causerie – an easily configurable chat tool with simple-to-use user interface that work on Palm, Blackberry, Pocket PC, Symbian and J2ME enabled phones.
TipicME – J2ME-based Jabber client that is really well done and absolutely free
iSkoot – mobile application that allows you to connect by GPRS, 3G or Wifi and to speak or chat with all your contacts on Skype
MovaMessenger – a free mobile IM client, works with MSN, Yahoo, AIM, ICQ, and GTalk
Turbo MSN – a mobile MSN client for Nokia and Panasonic
Nimbuzz – call your IM buddies on their mobile or on their PC, chat with your IM buddies for free and send text messages for free.
Heysan – web based mobile messenger, compatible with most of the mobile phones including iPhone.
YehBA Mobile IM – allows you chat with your friends anywhere in the world, meet new friends across the globe through chat rooms, and have access to an unlimited number of fun services.
Palringo Vocal IM – transforms your mobile device into a walkie-talkie: communicate with a contact or a group at the touch of a button
MT Messenger – exchange messages using the most popular IM applications from MSN, Yahoo! and AOL
EpyxMobile – call all over the world from your mobile phone for SkypeOut tariffs
GoTalkMobile – Java application for J2ME enabled phones, allows you connect to Google Talk and Jabber
MSN Mobile – take MSN with you
Mundu – conference with your contacts across IM services in a single chat session

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